QUARTZFORMS is born of thirty years of expertise of QUARTZFORMS spa that recently took over the ultimate hi-tech production plant in Magdeburg (Germany). Thanks to its close relationship with Breton SpA, Quartzforms has at present 2 production lines at the cutting edge of technology, built according to the highest technological and safety standards and capable of producing more than 300,000 slabs of compound stone a year.

The site covers an area of 120,000 m2 and all production complies with the strictest environmental regulations in order to avoid releasing any harmful gasses or sound emissions into the atmosphere. Over 90% of water used in the production process is recycled.

Composed of over 90% sand and quartz, bonded with resin and pigments, QUARTZFORMS is available in slabs of various thicknesses' and dimensions formed by using a "vibrocompression vacuum process". Durability and higher density than natural stone resulting in an attractive and versatile appearance characterize the product

The product collection includes slabs in composite stone of various sizes and finishes. In addition to the standard sizes (1400 x 3070 mm, 12, 20, and 30 mm thick), QUARTZFORMS slabs are also available up to 1650 x 3330 mm. The QUARTZFORMS range is modern and versatile, ranging from pure colors to fine grain colors and is ideal for exploring new concepts for interior designs and for creating customized colors for special projects. Available in polished, honed, sandblasted, brushed and slate, QUARTZFORMS offers cutting edge finishes in all fields of the furniture and building industry.

Further development of the product is QUARTZFORMS green stone, using resin derived from plants such as Resina Biolenica® composed of "non-food vegetable oil". These resins comply with the certification requirements of green building, one of the fundamental requirements of the green economy. Slabs produced using the original Bretonstone process are biocompatible and safe for humans and the environment alike. QUARTZFORMS slabs contain no solvents and are VOC free, are bacteriostatic and food safe and are ideal for use in the domestic, public and commercial environment

Quartzforms offers a timeless color palette with undeniable beauty to suit all of your surfacing desires.

Quartzforms combines fashion with function to provide the ultimate surfacing solution!